Monday, 12 June 2017

Washing Wool Pillows

Basic wool pillows are not washable as they will shrink and coagulate in a normal wash cycle. This phenomenon is known as wool felting. Hot water and Hot drying will accelerate this process making the pillows unusable. Many attempts have been made to make wool pillows washable. Most significantly, many of the organic wool or eco wool makers use a process to reduce the felting effect making them washable. However, wait.. do not throw the pillow in wash machine and watch TV. These Organic pillows have to washed with extra care. Here are some guidelines to follow if the pillow is labeled as washable. Do not attempt to wash it if the label is for dry cleaning care.
1. Use large washer typically 60 lb. machine for a standard pillow and 80 lb. machine for a king pillow. This allows enough water to flow in and out of pillow while preventing fibers to stick to each other. Ensure that selected wash cycle is delicate cold wash in a front loading machine.
2. Line dry pillow for 4 hours and then follow up with low temperature drying in large dryer. It is important to use a large dryer to avoid pillow staying in same position for long period. Air must circulate in the dryer and not hit the same area of the pillow. Ideally do not attempt to dry more than two pillows at a time, and do not run mixed loads.

Easier alternatives:
1. Wash the pillowcases frequently and not the pillows. Use dual pillowcases if necessary.
2. Spot clean wool pillows.
3. Dry clean.
4. If you frequently wash pillows, consider alternative filling such as down alternative fiber or similar synthetic fiber. If you like having natural fiber filling, consider organic cotton or kapok. These choices are available at and similar organic and Ecofriendly products sellers.
Wool fibers are still one of best choices because of its natural content, temperature regulation characteristics and resilience. However, they need extra care. They cannot be left in a home washer with other cloths. While manufacturers are still working on making the wool pillows robust for home washing, this improvement or development is still in progress. Until then it is prudent to wash wool pillows with extra care.
With some TLC, wool pillows last a long time. You sleep well and healthy without the concern about the chemicals in the big box store pillow. They are naturally flame retardant and usually, additional chemical fire retardants are not required in a wool pillow. Organic and natural products community simply love these pillows.