Friday, 24 March 2017

Spring Bedroom Transition

The long awaiting breathe  of spring is here. What better way to welcome the warmer weather and its crisp blooms than with some natural influences.  Switching your bedroom décor into the spiirt of spring.

It’s time to shed away the heavy bed linens and blankets, transforming your bedroom into an alluring springtime retreat. Though the winter month require a sanctuary in layers of comforters, and sheets to keep warm spring requires some change. Making the bedroom a refreshing place to unwind this spring has never been easier.

The long awaiting breathe  of spring is here. What better way to welcome the warmer weather and its crisp blooms than with some natural influences.  Switching your bedroom décor into the spirit of spring.
It’s time to shed away the heavy bed linens and blankets, transforming your bedroom into an alluring springtime retreat. Though the winter month require a sanctuary in layers of comforters, and sheets to keep warm spring requires some change. Making the bedroom a refreshing place to unwind this spring has never been easier.
One simple way is to add a pop of color to the bedroom.  Swap out trimmings such as throwpillowsand duvets. Adding pillow cases with color is a great alternative as well.  Seasonal decor can mark the change in seasons shaking things up a bit to keep your home fresh and stylish.
Lightduvet coversare a perfect way to add a new look to your bed without spending a fortune on a whole new linen set. Choosing lighter and brighter colors that compliment springtime can be a great touch. It’s important for it to feel fresh, clean, and comfortable throughout the spring and summer months ahead.
You can also choose to set an eco-chic tone with a variety of bed sheets, pillow cases, and other bedroom essentials. These materials can display spring color palettes. Your bedroom should be an extension of your personality. It’s like a blank canvas that you have to fill in to present yourself. You can make decorative cutouts to suit the style of your bedroom.
Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on your side table. The display of seasonal spring bouquet beside your lampshade will make a great highlight in the bedroom.
If you are trying to find creative ways to refurbish  bedroom, these ideas will surely help. With light bed linens, fresh blooms beside your bed, and fresh crisp clean feel to your bed, you will be thrilled about your spring bedroom this season. Celebrate the season of rebirth by bringing your bedroom to life. Winter will be back soon, so enjoy the beautiful spring weather while you can.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Find out Why You Should Care About #Fair #Trade #Practices?

Why You Should Care About Fair Trade Practices

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 2:57:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

This label ensures labor and environmental protection for workers and employees, which is especially important for developing countries, as they are, sadly, the most exploited.

It is a movement striving to improve environmental and economical sustainability—which is a more ideal methodology, opposed to relying on charity and donations.
Under the Fair Trade practices, factories and farmers must pay at least the minimum living wages to meet their economic geographical demands.
As a result, workers have a chance to meet their basic needs, to obtain a more healthy and human lifestyle, and to escape poverty that otherwise would have been robbed from them.
Why We Care
We at Well Living Shop specifically choose factories for our manufacturing that strictly adhere to our Fair Trade criteria and we audit these factories periodically to ensure their implementation.
We also make it a point to choose partners that will continually upgrade their programs to ensure communities progress in ethical and ideal economical growth.
Global Organic Textiles Standards
Global Organic Textiles (GOTs) incorporates many of the fair trade requirements, which we proudly support.
The Global Organic Textile Standards is the leading textile processing for organic fibers worldwide. We like how it has ecological and social criteria in order achieve a more transparent relationship with our partners, to ensure that we contribute to the wellness for workers and employees around the world.
Some of key areas covered under fair trade are: (3, 4)
1. All farmers and factories under association must utilize organic and environmentally sustainable practices.
2. Employers must encourage and allow workers to utilize collective bargaining for ethical treatment and fair wages.
3. Women must be empowered, guaranteeing access to equal job rights, health care access, and freedom from harassment.
4. Employers must contribute a percentage of revenues towards farmers and factory worker’s education, maintaining enrollment, and be up to date with education system standards.
5. Workers must be given access to proper healthcare: doctors, education and availability for proper nutrition, and medicine.
6. Farmers and workers are provided market based tools from the association in order to stay out of poverty if a disaster or environmental hardships occur: such as access to trucks, tractors, and infrastructure.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


3 Eco-Friendly Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 8:12:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

Wellliving Eco Image
As a parent, you've got lots of responsibilities towards the upbringing and raising your kids. there's a lot of you wish to show them and far you've got to clarify to them, if you wish them to mature during a healthy surroundings. In fact, quote the surroundings and the way to preserve it ought to be one in all the topics you quote together with your kids.
 If your kids learn the importance of protective the atmosphere at young age, this suggests that they're going to grow old with caution of the planet they live in. There are getting to be some environmental challenges within the future for them to face, like improvement pollution, innovating property energy and additional. If your kids have a green mind-set, it'll be lots easier for them. Introducing some environmentally-cautious ideas from young age means they're going to develop helpful habits and guarantee their greener tomorrow. Here is what you must say with them:

1.Start Recycling:
Trash doesn’t specifically bring a stunning image to mind. It will be slimed, funky and simply plain gross. However, it’s imperative that we don’t merely throw things away while not 1st wondering what we’re discard, why we’re throwing it away, and if there's an eco-friendly different. I’m not asking you to dig through your trash together with your kid (though that may technically still be educational). There are different ways in which for them to remember of what goes into the bin while not truly obtaining the contents of same bin everywhere them.
One way to try and do this can be to try and do a week-long challenge of writing down everything that goes into the trash, from cotton balls to plastic sandwich luggage. however the list is organized is up to you. you'll color coordinate totally different classes, or embrace fun stickers. you'll even counsel that they draw what goes into the trash rather than maintaining with a listing if you don’t suppose they’ll have the patience to prolong the challenge. cast off some color paper and crayons and raise them however they’re drawing makes them feel, if there's one object specially that stands bent on them the foremost, etc. you may be stunned by what they tell you.
If your youngsters aren’t extremely into drawing, they'll forever cut out pictures from a magazine and build a collage! we tend to sometimes keep the trash out of sight and out of mind, however a visible illustration like this could encourage a healthy and academic dialogue.

2.Start a Compost Bin Together:
It’s time to require those food scraps that are going straight into your garbage (and then to a landfill) and do one thing a lot of productive with them composting.Lauren Singer of Trash is for Wellliving Compost Image Tossers shows simply however simple it's to compost since she will it in her borough apartment! there's a standard idea that compost is dirty and can smell unpleasant no matter what. However, you'll keep your food scraps within the Deepfreeze so they don’t rot and thus, don’t smell.Cook together with your kids. Take the leftover fruit and vegetable scraps and throw them during a huge bowl. check with them regarding the various veggies and the way they'll break down. If you don’t want to use your compost for husbandry, you'll take your food scraps over to your native farmers market. lots of the days these markets can have a compost station. Take your children with you so that they will see wherever the leftovers of yesterday’s dish find yourself and why it matters. there's such a lot for youngsters to visualize and study at the farmers market. Between all the organic turn out, honey, food and even handstitched jewellery, there’s sure to be one thing which will catch their eye.
 3. Fun in the Garden:
Gardening may be a fantastic Orgenic activity which will get your children outside and among nature. Get out your agriculture tools and no matter it's you wish to plant. As a child, I perpetually admired planting tulips on the facet of my house. My mamma place down very little mats for America to contact therefore our knees wouldn’t ache the maximum amount. i used to be interested by the little worms I’d see twisting within the dirt that i spotted was their home. My mamma would dig little holes (though I helped dig one or two) and I’d drop the bulbs in and canopy them with dirt. Eventually they grew into lovely, colourful flowers that I may say I helped plant. it had been one thing we tend to did each year.You shouldn’t stop at flowers although. It’s even a lot of rewardable once you grow one thing you'll truly bring into your room and eat for dinner! Your children can want gardeners AND chefs. you'll grow carrots, tomatoes or even one thing sweet like strawberries. It’s nice to ascertain primary however natural, healthy food is full-grown.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How Will You find Your Mattress Nice or Naughty?

He may see once you're sleeping, however will he see what you're sleeping on? Decide if your mattress may be a true gift or if it's worse than a lump of coal!

The Mattress Naughty List
At Well Living Shop, we keep a strict list of materials we restrain from in our product. We believe these to be unacceptable in of our home accessories. You can trust we don't use any of them in our GOTS or GOLS certified organic products.

(1) Flame Retardant Chemicals: Meeting all federal flammability rules without the necessity of harsh flame retardant chemicals. Several flame retardant chemicals can be potential endocrine disruptors and could cause serious health issues in  both adults and kids.
In addition to harsh flame retardants, watch out for these other harmful chemicals.:

- Bactericide Treatments or Pesticides
- Formaldehyde
- GMO Cotton
- Per fluorinated Compounds (PFCs)
- Phthalate Plasticizers
- Artificial Latex
(2) Polymer Foam: This includes memory foam, bio-based or soybean foam, or "eco" foam blends. These "plant-based" foams are literally simply poly foam with some degree of soybean. Poly foam being extremely inflammable, comes with a pile of flame retardation chemical ingredients. Allowing it to fulfill flammability rules. Are you sure this is the kind of comfort you want?

The Mattress Nice List
 (1) Organic Cotton: The purest sort of cotton, our certified pure cotton is harvested from certified organic cotton farms. Our organic cotton surface material for toppers and accessories is rich in softness and comfort.
(2) Organic Latex: Latex may be a comfy and splendid material that helps relieve pressure points and regulates body temperature. It's an all natural material made up of the sap from the rubber tree. Our latex is supplied completely from a certified organic suppliers. This ensures the purity of each product. Our finished latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).
Well-Living-Shop is an Online Shop that Aims to Provide the Best Organic Bedding for its customers. Our Products are both 100% Organic and Eco-friendly. Product range includes, mattress toppers, organic and natural pillows, comforters, sheet sets, and  duvet covers.