Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Why Organic Mattresses are Healthier & Why choose Organic

Organic mattress is made with organic and non-toxic materials instead of conventional and chemically questionable materials. Buyers are deciding on organic mattresses as a way to avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals. Organic latex mattresses are manufactured from organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool. The components of our organic and natural mattresses, cotton, wool and natural latex, are cultivated using no pesticides and are manufactured using chemical-free processes.

Organic always means certified natural and organic. To call any product natural it must be certified by an organization which certifies selected products to be organic, a third party organic certifying agent. Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and natural are just claims.

Organic Latex mattresses are available in several styles, including 100 percent natural latex, latex over foam, foam over latex and one hundred per cent natural and synthetic latex blend. Mattresses that are one hundred percent latex are considered higher performers than blended latex models when it comes to longevity and resistance to compression.

Pointers on how to buy a Organic latex mattress:
  • Always ask if each component is as close to 100% natural and organic as possible, because 100% natural doesn't generally exist.
  • Always ask them to explain each and every layer, particularly when it is an organic or natural toddler or organic crib mattress.
  • Always ask what binds these layers together?? What type of glue?

The Advantages of natural and organic Cotton:
  • Very Comfortable: Cotton is widely regarded as a brilliant decision with regards to comfort. it’s soft, smooth and feels amazing to the touch. Stunning to the touch. People are rarely disappointed when it comes to comfort with an all organic cotton mattress.
  • Chemical free - not treated with dangerous fire-retardant chemicals. They don't seem to be created from synthetic polyurethane, which is a well-known allergy trigger, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly and made from biodegradable materials
  • Hypoallergenic: All natural and organic mattress materials are hypoallergenic because of the fact that they have not been infused with toxins and chemical compounds.

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