Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How Will You find Your Mattress Nice or Naughty?

He may see once you're sleeping, however will he see what you're sleeping on? Decide if your mattress may be a true gift or if it's worse than a lump of coal!

The Mattress Naughty List
At Well Living Shop, we keep a strict list of materials we restrain from in our product. We believe these to be unacceptable in of our home accessories. You can trust we don't use any of them in our GOTS or GOLS certified organic products.

(1) Flame Retardant Chemicals: Meeting all federal flammability rules without the necessity of harsh flame retardant chemicals. Several flame retardant chemicals can be potential endocrine disruptors and could cause serious health issues in  both adults and kids.
In addition to harsh flame retardants, watch out for these other harmful chemicals.:

- Bactericide Treatments or Pesticides
- Formaldehyde
- GMO Cotton
- Per fluorinated Compounds (PFCs)
- Phthalate Plasticizers
- Artificial Latex
(2) Polymer Foam: This includes memory foam, bio-based or soybean foam, or "eco" foam blends. These "plant-based" foams are literally simply poly foam with some degree of soybean. Poly foam being extremely inflammable, comes with a pile of flame retardation chemical ingredients. Allowing it to fulfill flammability rules. Are you sure this is the kind of comfort you want?

The Mattress Nice List
 (1) Organic Cotton: The purest sort of cotton, our certified pure cotton is harvested from certified organic cotton farms. Our organic cotton surface material for toppers and accessories is rich in softness and comfort.
(2) Organic Latex: Latex may be a comfy and splendid material that helps relieve pressure points and regulates body temperature. It's an all natural material made up of the sap from the rubber tree. Our latex is supplied completely from a certified organic suppliers. This ensures the purity of each product. Our finished latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).
Well-Living-Shop is an Online Shop that Aims to Provide the Best Organic Bedding for its customers. Our Products are both 100% Organic and Eco-friendly. Product range includes, mattress toppers, organic and natural pillows, comforters, sheet sets, and  duvet covers.

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